Rings: Unity Video 4 mins 2007-2009

dimensions variable


Exhibited at the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2007 and 53rd Venice Biennale with Celeste Prize 2009 


Rings reflects a refinement of my on going experimentation in automatic drawings produced by setting parameters of time, scale, format and drawing tools. The video records the action of my hand attempting to make a drawing, with the silver rings influencing movement and mark-making. The resulting silver deposits left on the surface trace my hands movement. The cropped format and recording in real time turn the whole action into the art object: the screen becomes the support and containing frame. As much as referencing Modernism's concerns with the refinement of form and content, I am just as interested in the references to marital rings, play and the creationist myth of god's hand creating the word - with his knuckles! Rings designed by Ruth Rignall (RCA)